Submission Guidelines


Friends of The Barn: A Benefit for ALL

Since all of this began, The Barn has been working closely with Crush Media to help bring the community together through theatre in the safest way possible. Obviously, that task has proven difficult in a world that changes with the hour – but we’ve finally landed on the best solution: a benefit for ALL… from home!

Any and all members of The Barn family are encouraged to participate. Money raised per episode will then be split between The Barn, The Arts Asylum, Crush Media, and all participants – that’s YOU!

Submissions will be accepted until Friday, March 27th, and we will launch our first episode on Monday, March 30th. 

The performance in your video must be no longer than three minutes. Any performance lasting longer than three minutes will be discarded.

All usable videos will be accepted as long as they are the proper length, do not contain any offensive or inappropriate material, and are submitted by Friday, March 27th at 9pm. *Unusable videos will be discarded.

In order to adjust to response rate, we reserve the right to split submissions into multiple episodes. We will make announcements regarding the episodes as we come to learn how many submissions we expect to be receiving.

Please send your videos to Cori at with the subject line “Barn Benefit Submission”, and include:

  1. your full name – type of performance, the title of your song/material, and the name of the show/composer, etc
  2. a brief, two-sentence description of what your performance means to you
  3. a list of up to 3 of your favorite Barn shows and your role/how you were involved 


What should I perform?

Anything you want! Now’s your chance to showcase your dream role, revisit your favorite show at The Barn, sing or play something you’ve always wanted the world to see, or maybe even do something “off brand”.

Is it ok to record with my cell phone or web cam?

Please do. Showing that you recorded on your own, at home, and using whatever you have is part of the charm of this situation. 

Will you edit my video for me?

No. Aside from trimming excess at the beginning and end, what you send in will be used as is. No cuts or edits will be made to the performance of your video, so be sure it is your best work. Just be professional and think of it like a video audition… but remember to have fun and be yourself – because you already got the job!

What is an *unusable video?

If your video is blurry, has no audio, is too dark, or is otherwise deemed unwatchable, it will be considered unusable and will be discarded. Try and stay close to your camera so you can be heard, and finding an area in your home with lots of natural light is always helpful – just be sure that light sources are in front of you, not behind. 

What material can I use? Do I need permission?

We have a special agreement with ASCAP for this benefit, so think of it as a cabaret, and perform whatever you like.

What video file formats will you accept?

.mp4 and .MOV are both acceptable.

Can I sing a cappella?

Listen – we don’t recommend it. BUT… if you truly can’t find the track you need and you think you can stay on pitch, we will accept a cappella submissions on a case-by-case basis. We understand that you can’t run out and grab an accompanist right now, but we also want to produce the most professional video we can.

Can I use an existing video from a show I’ve already done at The Barn?

Nope. We want you to record something new, at home, right now.

When are submissions due?

You may start submitting any time. We will not accept submissions received after Friday, March 27th at 9pm.

How many videos can I submit?

You are welcome to submit more than one video if you like. In that case however, we reserve the right to use only one of them, and will do so if we receive a lot of submissions.

Example Email Submission:


Subj: Barn Benefit Submission

Cori Anne Weber – singing “Some People” from Gypsy, by Jule Styne and Stephen Sondheim.

“I’m not actually doing this song for the video, but it’s such an inspiring example. My mother will be so proud of me.”

Barn shows: High Fidelity, LizGrey Gardens, Big/Little EdieBridges of Madison County, Francesca

Link to video submission (or include attachment):